Waiting on the Companion App


Madden released for everyone last night and now everyone is waiting on the companion app. Once the app (or whatever medium they opt to use, preferably a website) then I can update the site accordingly to get it ready for Madden 19. 

In other news, I posted pricing for the site. You can see it by going to the link in the top navbar. It's the same monthly price I charged for my bot that piggy-backed off of the DaddyLeagues site. So, now you get a great bot plus a website for the same monthly rate or you can save money by paying for a whole Madden cycle. 

Also, preseason football has started and real football is getting closer and closer! Many of us are getting hyped up about our teams and think we'll win the Super Bowl as training camp reports are always glwoingly positive. However, the great majority of us will soon be disappointed. 

Have fun playing Madden and cheering for your team this season! 

Madden 19 Is Dropping Soon!


That's right! If you haven't already pre-ordered this game, then I'm not sure what you are doing. This year's Madden looks like it might actually be an upgrade for CFM. Here's a list of what's been added, some of which are making a return. 

Player Archetypes Progression

This is an interesting change. Instead of simply going in and increasing specific attributes, we have to select an "archetype" that we want the player to progress as. Players will have overall ratings for each archetype, and upgrading an archetype will increase enough attributes to add one overall point to that archetype. 

Coach Scheme Fits

According to EA, scheme matters more this year. There appears to only be the broad offensive and defensive schemes this year, so no setting the scheme for each individual position. Players will get bonus XP if they are a scheme fit. 

Draft Class Creator

Custom draft classes have returned! Now you can create all your favorite NCAA players or NFL legends to have in a rookie draft. This is something we had a few years ago and didn't understand why it was taken out. It's good to see custom draft classes make a return. 

Depth Chart Positions

This is one of my favorite additions (before actually playing). There are now depth chart positions for some specific roles. You have a couple WRs you only want to be in the slot? Put them in the SLWR depth chart! Is there a specific player you want playing DT in obvious passing situations? Put him in the RDT spot. Be careful though, if your opponent knows you are doing this, you might get surprised with a run. 

Player Ratings

New player ratings have been added to further refine how the game plays. (And also to make my job harder.)  Some of the more interesting new ratings are break tackle, break sack, throw under pressure, and lead block. 

Immersive Environments

EA decided to change up the CFM menu a little with some different backgrounds. You'll get to see your coach's office or your player's locker. The new draft environment looks like a nice upgrade. 


This is a cool feature. A snapshot appears a big moment from a game. The last 100 snapshots in the league will be available for everyone to see. 

Team Captains

Team captains are back after being gone for some time. The only impact they have on the game is cosmetic though. The patch will be on their uniform and a star icon will appear under them in the game. 


It sounds like elite players will be able to have longer careers in this Madden. Regression is based on age and development trait., A player with superstar development will regress at a slower pace than other players. 

Dynamic Dev Trait

There will be a limited number of players at each position with each dev trait. Players are evaluated at the end of each season and given a new dev trait. If a player performed among the best at his position, that will be reflected in his dev trait for the next season. Conversely, if a superstar under-performs, he is likely to lose that dev trait. 

That's it from EA's CFM Deep Dive they did earlier. I think it looks like some nice upgrades for CFM, but we'll only know for sure once we can play.