Major Bot Upgrade


The GroupMe bots received a major upgrade late last night. League admins now have some more options with each bot.

  • The command prefix can now be changed after creation
  • Individual bots can be setup to post the following updates
    • Post Scores: Enabling this will cause the bot to post game results in the chat when weekly stats are synced
    • Post Rosters: This setting makes the bot post any roster moves when rosters are synced
    • Post Trades: When trades are accepted, approved, or denied, the bot will post about it if this setting is enabled.
  • Some of the core commands have updated messages. 

I recommend having 3 bots in your main chat. But don't feel obligated to have any. These bots will make my server work harder even if they aren't responding to commands. 

  1. The first bot could be the one you interact with, the one that's going to respond to commands. 
  2. The second might only post scores. Give it a prefix that is unlikely to ever be used.
  3. The Third would post roster moves and trades. Again, give it a prefix that is unlikely to ever be used. This will ensure it doesn't respond to commands. 

The bot wasn't the only area upgraded. Player stats now show on team pages and other various errors were fixed.