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Some Updates


Ok, I've fixed a few bugs we discovered in the past week or two.

The biggest bugs were caused by me assuming that EA wouldn't reuse game and stat IDs from season to season, but I was wrong. Why they reuse those IDs, I have no idea. It goes against everything I know. As a result, game and player stats after season one were pretty sketchy for a while. I have implemented a band-aid of sorts, but it means the stats and games from previous seasons will not be available. I'm planning on fixing that though. 

There were some other minor fixes too, such as the draft round and pick number on player pages being corrected.

There is also now retirement detection. I am hoping they don't reuse player IDs too, but I'll find out in a test league before any of the real leagues get that far I hope. If they do, then I'll probably just have to end up deleting retired players and their associated stats, but I'd prefer to keep those around for historical purposes. 

Another big update some of you have noticed is simscores. Several leagues utilize simscores as a way to grade how "sim" each user is. This feature is designed to help with that but is still a work-in-progress. There will be a full blog post and help page on it when it is ready. It would be ready now if not for some of the bugs mentioned earlier that I had to fix.