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Draft Recap Feature Added


You might notice a new link in the league menu. Yeah, that one. "Draft" 

Well, clicking it will take you to a draft recap. From there you can select the season you want to see the draft of and then view by round, team, or position. 

In order to have the most accurate recaps, please export rosters after the draft before any cuts are made. 

In the future I plan add a way to view the fantasy draft recap, but that will have to wait for now. 

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Sep 28, 2020 . 10:05pm
Not even Madden allows users to view past draft classes. Super cool add on Jason!

MyMadden Is Ready for Madden 21


Yes, we're still here! MyMadden was updated to work with Madden 21 a few days ago, when the app was released. Team logos and player portraits are up to date. 

Other updates and additions have also been made. A history tab has been added to player pages. This tab keeps a history of the player's ratings, teams, and position changes. The value of draft picks when submitting a trade has been fixed. I'm planning to add some salary tools to team pages so you can see your players' salaries all in one place and use it to more easily help make decisions. Look for that in the next week or so. 

League Renewals and New Leagues

If you wish to renew your league for Madden 21, contact me through email, groupme, or discord. I have not yet disabled leagues that haven't renewed, but I will in the next few days, so get those renewals in. If you want to start a new league, contact me the same way and I'll get you setup!