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Injuries, Data Exports, and Other Updates


There's been a few new features added over the past few months. 

The history tab on player pages shows their past ratings, teams, positions, and abilities. Bots also now have the ability to post ability changes in GroupMe and Discord. I plan to add the same capability for position changes and contract changes in the near future. 

There is also a new injuries link in the league menu. It works just like all the other search tables but is focused on injuries. I also plan to add the capability of posting injury updates to the bots soon. Currently there is an "injuries" command that will post the link to the table. In the longer-term I plan to add injuries to the player history tab. That will take some extra work though. 

In the admin section you will find a new tab in the menu. The export tab. There you can download league data in CSV files so you can keep historical records and also do advanced calculations if you want to. Or do anything else with the data. 

Also, we recently crossed the 200 milestone for Madden 21 leagues! Have fun, everyone! 

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4 days ago
Why can't I update my profile? Every time I try and update my profile it gives me an error message.
1 week ago
Landon A 2k
Apr 1, 2021 . 5:42pm
Do you think you will have it available on next gen leagues for madden 22?