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Discord Bots

Bot Types and Setup

Active Bots

What I call active bots are the ones that respond to commands. This is what some of you are accustomed to with the MyMadden groupme bot. typing a command like "!web" will prompt the bot to post the link to the league's homepage. These bots can respond in any channel of your Discord server as long as they have the proper permissions. 


Step 1: in the "discord" tab of the admin section of your league on MyMadden, click the button to add an active bot to your server. The menu options for the admin menu are inside the main menu and the league menu.

Step 2: It opens a tab so you can add it to the server of your choice

Step 3: You may have to wait a moment and tell you aren't a bot

Step 4: in your Discord server, set it up to work with your league

Step 6 (optional):  Test it!

Passive Bots

What I call passive bots are ones that do not respond to commands but will post updates based on events that occur in the league. These events include game updates, roster moves, and trades that are proposed through MyMadden. Having a Discord channel for each type of event. 


Step 1: Starting in Discord, glick the gear icon on the channel you wish to add the bot to.

Step 2: click "Webhooks"

Step 3:

Step 4: create the webhook with name and avatar you want. Be sure to copy that long webhook url

Step 5: Now in the "discord" tab of the admin section of your league on MyMadden

Step 6: Fill out the form

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