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Madden 24

Well, the game has been out for a while now. Some of the leagues have renewed their sites with the anticipation that EA will get the Madden Companion App updated for Madden 24. So far, that hasn't happened. EA is taking their time getting the app out this cycle, which is surprising because it's not just used for CFM, but also their cash cow MUT. 


Hopefully it releases soon and we can all start using our bots and sites again! 

Madden 23 and a new MyMadden

Some of y'all know I've been working on a new site upgrade for a while now. It's pretty much ready. 

This upgrade was mainly so the site could run on updated software to reduce any potential security issues, Don't worry, there's been no breaches and this is a step to keep it that way. But in the process, I learned some of the libraries I relied on weren't updated, so I had to make some changes. All for the better I think. Everything looks better on the new site and will have a toggle for light or dark theme. Some of the sort filters have been improved. And I ditched Bootstrap 3 (which is extremely outdated now) for tailwindcss. That means some of your custom homepages will need a bit of reworking. If you want help with that, just contact me via Discord, Groupme, or email. Don't try to reach me via comments here. 

Mobile use was also a big factor in the redesign. The site was already pretty decent on phones I think, but the new site will be even better. The user menu and mobile menus are more useful. For example, the user menu will contain links to all the leagues you are in. And the main menu includes all the navigation links for the league you are viewing. That's a big upgrade for mobile use. And for admins, the admin navigation will also appear there when in the admin section. 

As for functionality upgrades, the big one (for now) is in the stats search table. That's where you'll see the biggest improvement in search filters. You'll also find that passing, rushing, and receiving stats are now all part of one table. This was requested by quite a few admins, so it was something I wanted to add. And it works great! But don't worry, if you only want to view one category of stats, you can toggle the others off. As I type this, all the offensive stats are being converted to their new format on the new server. This will take a while, but it was the only way to get decent performance out of the stats search table. 

More upgrades will come. I had hoped to get more done before Madden 23, but life and work got in the way. So, there's still some big features to come that. Features like fantasy football, sportsbook, and login with discord. 

Having said that, there's still a couple things I need to optimize, but I should be able to that before M23 releases. You'll be seeing the new site very soon. 

As for Madden 23, contact me on Discord, Groupme, or email to renew your league or setup a new one. Same price. $30 for one league. I don't promise to read the comments on posts, so don't leave a comment for renewing or setting up a league. 

League Blogs

Yep, that's right. I finally added league blogs. Anyone in the league can make blog posts and comment on blog posts. In the admin panel, admins can edit categories and delete posts. I'll flesh it out more in the coming weeks, but it's working well right now. 

Madden 22 is Out!

Madden 22 is now out and EA has updated the Madden Companion App. It all seems to be working fine except some issues with the app having trouble communicating the Madden NFL servers. If you get that error, try again or maybe wait a while and try again. I suspect the Madden servers are quite busy at the moment. 

If you haven't already renewed your league and you want to, contact me and we'll get it set up. I'll probably give a week or two for all leagues to get renewed before I set the site to only accept data imports for current leagues. 

Injuries, Data Exports, and Other Updates

There's been a few new features added over the past few months. 

The history tab on player pages shows their past ratings, teams, positions, and abilities. Bots also now have the ability to post ability changes in GroupMe and Discord. I plan to add the same capability for position changes and contract changes in the near future. 

There is also a new injuries link in the league menu. It works just like all the other search tables but is focused on injuries. I also plan to add the capability of posting injury updates to the bots soon. Currently there is an "injuries" command that will post the link to the table. In the longer-term I plan to add injuries to the player history tab. That will take some extra work though. 

In the admin section you will find a new tab in the menu. The export tab. There you can download league data in CSV files so you can keep historical records and also do advanced calculations if you want to. Or do anything else with the data. 

Also, we recently crossed the 200 milestone for Madden 21 leagues! Have fun, everyone! 

Draft Recap Feature Added

You might notice a new link in the league menu. Yeah, that one. "Draft" 

Well, clicking it will take you to a draft recap. From there you can select the season you want to see the draft of and then view by round, team, or position. 

In order to have the most accurate recaps, please export rosters after the draft before any cuts are made. 

In the future I plan add a way to view the fantasy draft recap, but that will have to wait for now. 

MyMadden Is Ready for Madden 21

Yes, we're still here! MyMadden was updated to work with Madden 21 a few days ago, when the app was released. Team logos and player portraits are up to date. 

Other updates and additions have also been made. A history tab has been added to player pages. This tab keeps a history of the player's ratings, teams, and position changes. The value of draft picks when submitting a trade has been fixed. I'm planning to add some salary tools to team pages so you can see your players' salaries all in one place and use it to more easily help make decisions. Look for that in the next week or so. 

League Renewals and New Leagues

If you wish to renew your league for Madden 21, contact me through email, groupme, or discord. I have not yet disabled leagues that haven't renewed, but I will in the next few days, so get those renewals in. If you want to start a new league, contact me the same way and I'll get you setup! 

Hidden Devs and More!

Since Madden 20 now hides some dev traits until the player reaches a certain snap count, some have requested that MyMadden do this too. Well, the export data doesn't include the necessary data to keep it completely accurate. But what I have done is give the option to hide all rookie devs, hide only 1st round rookie devs, or show all rookie devs. You can find this setting in the Admin settings. The default is to hide all rookie dev traits. 

Better support for multiple seasons has also been added. Game stats should persist so you can go back and brag about beating your rival three seasons ago, That's always fun! 

A few other issues have been fixed too. 

The WordPress plugin in development is going to have a change in philosophy. Instead of being a standalone thing, it will be closely tied to the main site and all the data will be on the main site. 

Madden 20 Is a Go!

The main site is currently working with Madden 20!

If you have not paid for the new cycle, syncing will not work. So, make sure you get that in soon so your league can see their stats on the site. 

Companion App

Apparently, the notice about the latest version of the Madden Companion App being compatible with Madden 20 was wrong. As a result, that will delay the process of Making My Madden compatible with M20. 

Also, once that does happen, your Madden 19 leagues will no longer sync to My Madden. 

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