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Madden 23 and a new MyMadden

Some of y'all know I've been working on a new site upgrade for a while now. It's pretty much ready. 

This upgrade was mainly so the site could run on updated software to reduce any potential security issues, Don't worry, there's been no breaches and this is a step to keep it that way. But in the process, I learned some of the libraries I relied on weren't updated, so I had to make some changes. All for the better I think. Everything looks better on the new site and will have a toggle for light or dark theme. Some of the sort filters have been improved. And I ditched Bootstrap 3 (which is extremely outdated now) for tailwindcss. That means some of your custom homepages will need a bit of reworking. If you want help with that, just contact me via Discord, Groupme, or email. Don't try to reach me via comments here. 

Mobile use was also a big factor in the redesign. The site was already pretty decent on phones I think, but the new site will be even better. The user menu and mobile menus are more useful. For example, the user menu will contain links to all the leagues you are in. And the main menu includes all the navigation links for the league you are viewing. That's a big upgrade for mobile use. And for admins, the admin navigation will also appear there when in the admin section. 

As for functionality upgrades, the big one (for now) is in the stats search table. That's where you'll see the biggest improvement in search filters. You'll also find that passing, rushing, and receiving stats are now all part of one table. This was requested by quite a few admins, so it was something I wanted to add. And it works great! But don't worry, if you only want to view one category of stats, you can toggle the others off. As I type this, all the offensive stats are being converted to their new format on the new server. This will take a while, but it was the only way to get decent performance out of the stats search table. 

More upgrades will come. I had hoped to get more done before Madden 23, but life and work got in the way. So, there's still some big features to come that. Features like fantasy football, sportsbook, and login with discord. 

Having said that, there's still a couple things I need to optimize, but I should be able to that before M23 releases. You'll be seeing the new site very soon. 

As for Madden 23, contact me on Discord, Groupme, or email to renew your league or setup a new one. Same price. $30 for one league. I don't promise to read the comments on posts, so don't leave a comment for renewing or setting up a league. 

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