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Hidden Devs and More!

Since Madden 20 now hides some dev traits until the player reaches a certain snap count, some have requested that MyMadden do this too. Well, the export data doesn't include the necessary data to keep it completely accurate. But what I have done is give the option to hide all rookie devs, hide only 1st round rookie devs, or show all rookie devs. You can find this setting in the Admin settings. The default is to hide all rookie dev traits. 

Better support for multiple seasons has also been added. Game stats should persist so you can go back and brag about beating your rival three seasons ago, That's always fun! 

A few other issues have been fixed too. 

The WordPress plugin in development is going to have a change in philosophy. Instead of being a standalone thing, it will be closely tied to the main site and all the data will be on the main site. 

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