Waiting on the Companion App


Madden released for everyone last night and now everyone is waiting on the companion app. Once the app (or whatever medium they opt to use, preferably a website) then I can update the site accordingly to get it ready for Madden 19. 

In other news, I posted pricing for the site. You can see it by going to the link in the top navbar. It's the same monthly price I charged for my bot that piggy-backed off of the DaddyLeagues site. So, now you get a great bot plus a website for the same monthly rate or you can save money by paying for a whole Madden cycle. 

Also, preseason football has started and real football is getting closer and closer! Many of us are getting hyped up about our teams and think we'll win the Super Bowl as training camp reports are always glwoingly positive. However, the great majority of us will soon be disappointed. 

Have fun playing Madden and cheering for your team this season!