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Madden Is Coming

Madden 20 Update

Some of us will get to start playing afternoon! I've got it installed already so I can work on updating the site to work with Madden 20 ASAP. Don't be alarmed if the site goes down for a few minutes in the next few days. That's probably just me doing the updates. 


The discord bots are now live on MyMadden. Check the help page to learn more.


Trades now show a vote count. 

WordPress Plugin

I've been working a WordPress plugin version of MM over the past couple of months. It is separate from the main site, meaning you don't need a league on the main site for it to work. Just install it in your WordPress site. The plugin is still a bit of a work in progress as I still need to add bot capabilities and the trade proposal system. The best part of this plugin is how customizable everything is. The home page can look any way you want it and so can the team, player, and game pages. Don't like the default look? Change it! It helps to be sufficient with HTML and CSS if you wish to change the look much by editing the shortcodes and styling. 

There will be more updates on the plugin in the future. If you wish to use it, send me an email or find me in groupme or discord. 


We'll have some new pricing for this cycle. I'm dropping the monthly option.

Main site

  • $30 for first league
  • $20 for each league after

WordPress Plugin

  • $40 and I plan to let you install on up to 3 sites.